BRYCBraddock Road Youth Club (Springfield, VA)
BRYCBlack Rock Yacht Club (Australia)
BRYCBarents Regional Youth Council (Norway)
BRYCBrussels Royal Yacht Club
BRYCBognor Regis Yacht Club (Bognor Regis, West Sussex, England, UK)
BRYCBush River Yacht Club (Abingdon, MD)
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BRYC has no more than 1.3% of the national market, but through Cadesur we're the third-largest chain in the country," he says.
Algee-Hewitt (2016) has demonstrated how, using craniometrics, it is possible to produce the individual proportions of population membership that have been shown, with genetics, to be informative of admixture patterns and represent estimates of biogeographic ancestry for the major populations in the United States, including Hispanics with origins in Mexico and other Latin American countries (Bryc et al.
These global samples were used as parental or donor populations to approximate the ancestral variation expected for contemporary persons of Latin American origin (Bryc et al.
These data were produced under a three major cluster solution, which corresponds to the trihybrid continental ancestry model that is common among genetic studies of Latin American populations, including Hispanic persons of largely Mexican descent (Bryc et al.
A review of these data finds that there are three times more Hispanic-labeled individuals of Mexican birth, or ascribed Mexican identity, than there are Hispanic-labeled individuals originating from all other Latin American countries, including those areas where an alternative trihybrid model would more accurately represent the ancestral diversity of the admixed populations, that is, from places in the Caribbean, like Cuba or Puerto Rico (Bryc et al.
zebra; Aibi = Apareiodon ibitiensis; Bstr = Bryconamericus stramineus; Asty = Astyanax sp.; Omic = Odontostilbe microcephala; Aaff = Apareiodon affinis; Aalt = Astyanax altiparanae; Aboc = Astyanax bockmani; Parg = Piabina argentea; Afas = Astyanax fasciatus; Asca = Astyanax scabripinnis paranae; Bryc = Bryconamericus sp.).