BS11Before September 11
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Both Mo48 and Mo49 yielded more on a Mo17 tester than on B98, which has BS11 background (Lamkey and Hallauer, 1997).
Compared with Prolific Composite (also known as Iowa synthetic BS11), SMPR has 150 g [kg.sup.-1] (15 points) lower grain moisture at harvest, 13 d earlier flowering, 30.7 cm (1 ft) shorter plant height, 3 d less silk delay, and 1380 kg [ha.sup.-1] (22 bushels [acre.sup.-1]) more yield at normal plant densities.
Responses to seven methods of recurrent selection in the BS11 maize population.
His group made the first critical comparison of seven methods of recurrent selection in a common base population (BS11) using constant selection intensity and effective population size.
B115 was derived from BS11(FR)C9, a strain of BS11 that had undergone nine cycles of reciprocal full-sib selection with BS10 the tester for BS11 (Eyherabide and Hallauer, 1991).