BS6Blue Submarine No. 6 (anime)
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* First OEM to bring BS6 compliant vehicles in mass segment, ahead of statutory timelines
Comparison between approaches in meeting BS 6 emissions Component Approach 1 Approach 2 Definition DS4 engine out to BS6 emissions from DS6 emissions reduced/BS6 engine out conditions LNT 1.95L 1.45L cDPF 2.75L 2.2L Sensors Same Same Throttle Required Required Injection System 1600 bar with single 1800 bar with 5 injection pilot injection event Fluid 1.8% of FE 1.1% of FE consumption EGR cooler Normal High cooling rate than Case] Turbocharger Active waste gate VGT turbo charger Table 6.
Samples Alkaline fusion Hydrothermal treatment Time (h) Agitation Time (h) Temperature time (h) ([degres]C) BS1 1 24 1 100 BS2 1 24 2 100 BS3 1 24 3 100 BS4 1 24 6 100 BS5 1 24 20 100 BS6 1 24 24 100 BS7 0 3 100 BS8 1 24 2 90 BS9 1 24 3 90 BS10 1 24 6 90 BS11 1 24 20 90 BS12 (c) 1 24 20 90 Samples Silica gel Silica gel m (a) (g) Synthesis formation product BS1 No -- -- BS2 Yes 0.232 Amorphous BS3 Yes 0.248 Amorphous BS4 Yes 0.366 Amorphous BS5 Yes 0.431 Amorphous BS6 Yes 0.475 n.a (b) BS7 No -- -- BS8 Yes 0.388 n.a (b) BS9 Yes 0.402 Amorphous BS10 Yes 0.530 Amorphous BS11 Yes 0.689 Amorphous BS12 (c) Yes 0.742 Amorphous (a) m = mass of product formed; (b) n.a = not totally amorphous; (c) BS12 = aging temperature of 80[degrees]C.
20), from level BT5, Section 3; cephalon NIGP152232, from level BS6, Section 1; pygidium NIGP152233, from level BT5, Section 3; pygidium NIGP152234, from level BS5, Section 1.
Si tomamos la correlacion ([rho]) entre el BS6 y el BS4 segun su desviacion de los promedios [[my].sub.x], [[my].sub.y] por pregunta, tenemos que [rho]BS4BS6 = .6198216.
Anyone who's had to squiggle constrained nonsense on to a BS6.9 form every time they want a packet of staples (or anyone who's had to be the HR drone insisting on prompt holiday and absence paperwork) - rejoice in the way of the Jedi.
Audi RS 6 Bentley Arnage BMW 7 Series Brilliance BS4 Brilliance BS6 Chevrolet Cruze Chevrolet Volt Citroen C3 Picasso Ferrari California Ford Fiesta Econetic Ford Focus RS Ford Ka Hyundai i20 Hyundai iX55 Hyundai Santa Fe hybrid Kia Soul Lexus IS sedan/ convertible Lamborghini sports car Lotus Evora Mazda MX-5 Nissan Pixo Nissan Note Opel Insignia Renault Megane Suzuki Alto Toyota Avensis Toyota iQ Toyota Urban Cruiser Volkswagen Golf
Don't let the YouTube videos of the Chinese-built Brilliance BS6 failing the German ADAC crash tests distract you: China is serious about manufacturing, especially automotive manufacturing.
Brilliance made headlines in Europe last year with a rating of one star out of five in a crash test for its BS6 sedan.
Correspondence address: Jackie Younker, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, University of the West of England, 7 Grove Park, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6PP.
Richard Vaughan-Davies, 40 Kingsdown Parade, Kingsdown, Bristol BS6 5UF.