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BSACBritish Sub-Aqua Club
BSACBritish Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
BSACBritish South Africa Company (founded by Cecil John Rhodes for the colonisation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia)
BSACBerkeley Sensor and Actuator Center
BSACBit-Sliced Arithmetic Coding (audio coding algorithm)
BSACBiotechnology Science Advisory Committee (EPA)
BSACBass Strait Aquatic Club (Rye on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia)
BSACBoating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC)
BSACBenedictine Study and Arts Centre (London, UK)
BSACBlack Swamp Area Council (Boy Scouts of America; Ohio)
BSACBiotechnology Science Advisory Council
BSACBinary Symmetric Averaged Channel
BSACBellingham Senior Activity Center (Bellingham, WA)
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For just pounds 10, participants can discover the benefits of diving with BSAC, on an introductory Try Dive.
BSAC also welcomes experienced divers to their sessions.
The BSAC was set up in January with 128 banks putting up 10.
For more information about the Cardiff BSAC visit its website: www.
Anyone interested in learning more about Cardiff BSAC should go to the club's website on www.
Selling these stocks to the BSAC is the least that can be done to prevent such a doomsday scenario.
The BSAC have branches around the UK and people will be given a dive for one hour with a qualified BSAC instructor.
The BSAC was set up last month and is to operate for 10 years, during which time it will slowly sell the shares purchased from banks by monitoring the health of the market.
The decision came five days after Financial Services Minister Hakuo Yanagisawa disclosed he urged BSAC to buy by March 31 at least 500 billion yen worth of such shares to be discharged by banks.
BSAC Affiliation Provides Access to Latest Research Results and
BSAC, which will start operations Friday, four days earlier than the initial starting date, is designed to absorb shares unloaded by banks under Japan's cross-shareholding practices.