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BSADBlind, Stupid and Desperate (Watford football fan site)
BSADBrazilian Society of Aesthetic Dentistry
BSADBalancing Services Adjustment Data
BSADBeta Solar Array Drive
BSADBinghamton Speech and Debate (Binghamton, NY)
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Occasionally a student makes an error in completing the screen, leading to a false positive (e.g., the student checks all yes answers on the BSAD but meant to check all no's) or students answer the questions literally, registering a false positive due to a current acute stressor that has led to a busier schedule and less sleep (e.g., a busy sports season, college applications, or participation in a theater production).
The Tibetan rendering of the Upayika Tika (zes nas ji skad du bstan pa de rgyas par rab tu bsad do) pleads, though not decisively, for the first option.
(6.) The frame was built by BSAD Ceramics Technician, Tim Wright, to whom I am very grateful.