BSAFBiota-Sediment Accumulation Factor (water quality standards)
BSAFBangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum
BSAFBlack Swamp Arts Festival (Bowling Green, OH; est. 1993)
BSAFBrookings Summer Arts Festival (Brookings, SD)
BSAFBritish Special Armed Forces (online gaming clan)
BSAFBilliards & Snooker Association of Fiji
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[20] Organization for the Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) on Benchmark Study of the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant (BSAF Project), Phase I Summary Report.
Candidates wishing to update their data or request new holdings must provide an opinion issued by the BSAF certifying that there is sufficient free area on the holding in accordance with the requirements of the measure.
Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum (BSAF) recently came up with a truly horrifying report that around 28 children were murdered and 49 raped in Bangladesh every month last year.
Tatyana Nikolova, Head of Food Control at the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BSAF), according to bTV.A
Haider Ali Shah BBA, Syed Ahsan Jaferi BS, Muhammad Adeel Qadri BE, RidaZahra BS-TF, Marium Khan BSAF, Mahrukh Usmani BS-ERP, Shaiza Jaweid MBA, Maria Eusaf MCS, Fahed Akther MBA-MIS, Sajjida Reza MSMS, Mehwish Khan MSSE,
OUTKAST Team moved to the top of the group 'A' standings after the opening night of play in the Three-on-Three Basketball Challenge, organised by the Bahrain Sport for All Federation (BSAF) and being held at the Muharraq Club gym in Arad.
Key words: BAF, BCF, bioaccumulation, bioconcentration, biota-sediment accumulation factor, BSAF, fish, database, PBT.
In May 2019, Inspectors of the Food Control Directorate of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BSAF) carried out a total of 13,117 inspections across the country.
The Bangladesh Children Rights Forum (BSAF) also estimated that 85 percent street children in the country are suffering from drug abuse.
in connection with the framework agreement spor-48 / 30.12.2016 concluded by the ministry of finance through the central purchasing authority, The bulgarian food safety agency (bsaf) conducted a procedure under art.
Contract notice: technical support of information systems at the bulgarian food safety agency (bsaf)