BSAGBase Station Access Gateway (wireless communications)
BSAGBuild San Antonio Green (San Antonio, TX)
BSAGBachelor of Science in Agriculture
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Another hearing was held with the managers of the BSAG, the responsible member of the Bremen Government and members of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce.
At the beginning of the PF, all members were given a BSAG information folder so that everybody was equally informed about the operation of the whole BSAG system.
At the end of 1993, this report was given to the management of the BSAG. To concretely respond to the different suggestions and demands presented in the report, a special group within the company was formed.
In the interview, the representative of BSAG said, "The Forum really was a living acceptance process."
The answer of the representative of the BSAG in the interview was in the affirmative.
This was only possible if the representatives of the different regions, professions, genders and ages, as well as those in the role of users and the BSAG representatives, not only followed their own special interests, but also if they actively considered the interests of the others.
The BSAG provided every piece of information requested, and the members of the PF created an information network between themselves in personal talks, telephone calls, and small group meetings.
It seems that also the latter, the power which could have been brought into play by the BSAG itself, was not felt to be a factor in the discussions.
gnyis pa rgyan dam pa lha chos kyi lo rgyus ni/ rgyal srid dang chos srid bskyangs (15) tshul (16) / bstan pa dam chos gsungs (17) tshul/ bstan'dzin dge 'dun dar tshul dang gsum las/ dang po ni/ bdag cag gi ston pa mnyam med shakya'i rgyal po 'dis (18) / (mchan: dang po byang chub mchog to thugs bskyed (19) / bar du grangs med gsum du tshogs bsags (20) / tha mar rdzogs pa'i sangs rgyas/) 'gro ba sems can rnams kyi don mdzad phyir/ sku skye ba'i gzhi bzhug ste/ mdzad pa brgyad dam bcu drug gam/ brgya rtsa la sogs pa'i sgo nas sems can kyi don mdzad/ mdzad pa de rnams kyi nang nas gtso bo chos kyi 'khor lo rim (21) pa gsum du bskor te/ bka 'dang po bden pa bzhi yi chos kyi 'khor lo bskor/ bka' bar pa (22) mtshan nyid [med] pa'i chos kyi 'khor lo bskor/ bka' tha ma legs par rnam par
After some members of his immediate entourage had voiced their objection to accepting the invitation from 'Bri khung - Vibhuticandra is singled out as being the most vocal - Sakyasri apparently told the 'Bri khung pa, "since there are many Bka' gdams pa and gdan gcig pa, etc., in my entourage, it is possible that wrong karma may be accumulated in you" (nga'i khor la bka, gdams pa dang gdan gcig pa la sogs pa mang bas / khyed la las phyin ci log bsags pa srid ...