BSAQBoard Self-Assessment Questionnaire (non-profit tool)
BSAQBalanced Single Agenda for Quality (automotive engineering; various companies)
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We then calculated correlation coefficients between BSAQ and FVI in each subgroup.
BSAQ emerged as a significant predictor of FVI ([beta] = -.40, p<.05) beyond age and board size, providing support for the notion that board effectiveness is particularly important for the economic health of organizations that derive majority funding from private philanthropy.
To that end, the current study utilized the BSAQ, which has emerged as a valid tool for assessing board activity and performance (Brown, 2005; Jackson & Holland, 1998).
The BSAQ, for example, was assessed with a self report questionnaire.
Of note, it was beyond the scope of this study to assess the accuracy, validity, and reliability of the BSAQ or the FVI; previous studies have already done so (e.g., Brown, 2005; Jackson & Holland, 1998 Kovner, Ritvo, & Holland, 1997).
The BSAQ, for example, offers assessment of six important dimensions of board activity, which are likely to provide insight into specific areas for board development.