BSARBalance Sheet Account Reconciliation
BSARBucks Search and Rescue (UK)
BSARBistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar
BSARBushwalkers Search and Rescue (Australia)
BSARBasic Search and Rescue
BSARBrantford Southern Access Road (Brantford, ON, Canada)
BSARBible Study at Revelle (California)
BSARBon de Souscription d'Actions Remboursable (French: Voucher Redeemable Share Warrant)
BSARBusiness System Analysis Requirements (project deliverables)
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Cherniakov, "Experimental demonstration of passive BSAR imaging using navigation satellites and a fixed receiver," Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, Vol.
After calling upon (gdongs) slob dpon Byang chub dpal and dBus lCang bsar (spelled so) ba Byang chub mgon, altogether two, the master and disciples, altogether four (sic, one missing), left for rGya gar".
[5b.4] gnyis pa skad bsar bcad la ni de dag gi zla bo ji skad bshad pa rnams dang gzhan yang deng sang gsung rab la grags pa'i ming phal che ba rnams yin no // bkas bcad pa gnyis po de ni mnga' bdag khri ral pa can yan chad du bka' cog zhang gsum la sogs pas byas pa yin no // skas bcad gsum pa ni lha bla ma ye shes 'od kyi dus kyi sgra bsgyur rin chen bzang po nas bzung ste kho bo'i bla ma chag lo che ba dge slong chos rje dpal yan chad kyi byas pa yin no //.