BSARBistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar
BSARBushwalkers Search and Rescue (Australia)
BSARBasic Search and Rescue
BSARBrantford Southern Access Road (Brantford, ON, Canada)
BSARBon de Souscription d'Actions Remboursable (French: Voucher Redeemable Share Warrant)
BSARBusiness System Analysis Requirements (project deliverables)
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the issued BSAR would result in the creation of 400,648 shares of Unilog which
the Unilog shares that might arise from the exercise of such BSAR until the
closing date of the Offer, since, under the terms of issue, the BSAR may only
terms of issue, the BSAR cannot be exercised during the Offer.
As at 06/11/2014 As at 31/12/2014 Number of ordinary shares 68,027,795 69,044,970 Number of BSAR A 68,027,795 66,072,525 Number of BSAR B 68,027,795 67,869,635
BSAR A (ISIN FR0012160653): 2 BSAR A warrants will entitle holders to subscribe for 1 new share at [euro]0.
BSAR B (ISIN FR0012160661): Four BSAR B warrants entitle holders to subscribe for one new share at[euro]1.
Subscribing for new shares through the exercise of BSAR warrants entitles the holder to an ISF (French solidarity tax on wealth) reduction of up to 50% of the invested amount.
According to the BSAR issue agreement (see memorandum number 04-634 dated June 25, 2004 signed off by the AMF (the French Financial Market Authority), and the press release of October 20, 2004), the BSARs may be exercised only in lots of 20 and multiples of 20.
As promised during the Meeting, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board wishes to inform the shareholders that, on March 30, 2006, 599 940 redeemable share warrants ("BSARs") were exercised and that 7 717 698 BSARs remained in circulation.
In all, 8 237 080 BSARs were exercised since July 2004, which represents 99% of the BSARs issued and giving rise to the creation of 3 988 976 shares.
In addition, this success reflects the performance of Maurel & Prom shares which, on July 28, 2006, when the BSARs matured, was valuated 175% of the BSARs exercise price of EUR8.