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BSASBuenos Aires
BSASBritish Society of Animal Science
BSASBureau of Substance Abuse Services (Massachusetts)
BSASBoston Security Analysts Society
BSASBedside Shivering Assessment Scale (hypothermia)
BSASBachelor of Science in Applied Science
BSASBachelor of Science in Animal Science
BSASBachelor of Science in Applied Sociology
BSASBrazilian Society for the Advancement of Science
BSASBachelor of Science in Architectual Studies
BSASBachelor of Science in Architectual Science
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The daily silage uND[F.sub.240h] intake was lower in the C[S.sub.U]AS and BSUAS groups than those of the CSAS and BSAS (p<0.05), while uND[F.sub.240h], unlike uND[F.sub.30h] was same in the cows fed the CSA[S.sub.F] and BSA[S.sub.F] compared with the CSAS and BSAS groups.
The BSP will have more opportunities to discuss BSAs with other countries - including South Korea - when the Philippines hold official talks with ASEAN+3 nations next month for the $240-billion Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization swap facility.
The researchers state that their results show existing safe-in-human BSAs could be used on other viral infections.
Reducing the size and increasing the mobility of the brigade support area (BSA) and other logistics nodes will contribute to rapid maneuver and will increase survivability because enemies easily locate and target large, static assets.
'Upon these considerations, Japan proposes to make it possible to withdraw yen under the existing BSAs as well as to establish a new type of BSA with size of up to $40 billion (approximately 4 trillion yen) to address short-term liquidity problems,' the statement added.
The British Society of Animal Science (BSAS) said the country's rural landscapes and communities may change beyond recognition once the country leaves the EU.
The discrimination between active and inactive patients was confirmed by Behcet Syndrome Activity Score (BSAS).
Watch out for a couple of 1937 Brough Superiors, two Scott Flying Squirrels, as well as assorted Triumphs, Velocettes, BSAs, Harley-Davidsons, Sunbeams - the list goes on.
En: ER Deavitte, E Owen, AT Adesogan, C Rymer, JA Huntington, TLJ Lawrence (Eds.) In Vitro Techniques for Measuring Nutrient Supply to Ruminants, BSAS Occasional Publication No.