BSBLBloody Saarbowl Liga (gaming league)
BSBLBond Strength-Bond Length (model of Atom abstraction reaction)
BSBLBulverde/Spring Branch Library (Texas)
BSBLBook Sense Bestseller List (American Booksellers Association)
BSBLBuilding Setback Boundary Line
BSBLBuffer Setback Line (survey and site plans)
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Comparably, the image reconstructed by BSBL is much sparser as presented in Figure 6(e), but a few spurious scatterers still exist.
As presented in Table 1, BSBL and OG-VSBL can achieve much sparser image due to the utilization of the hierarchical Bayesian modeling; thus the image quality is improved significantly.
We can see that SCLR-I and SCLR-A can obtain better results than BSBL, which is reported to be the best candidate for EEG signal recovery based on sparse synthesis model.