BSCANBoundary Scan
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Peripheral retinal evaluation was performed using indirect ophthalmoscope and, where indicated, ultrasonography (Bscan) was performed.
(g) and (h): spectral-domain optical coherence tomography (Bscan) showing cystoid macular edema on both eyes with subretinal fluid in the right eye with a central macular thickness measured to 538 [micro]m on the right eye and to 334 [micro]m on the left eye.
Variables including gender, age, BCVA, Bscan, IOP were recorded at baseline.
* Investigate the feasibility of board-assist built-in self-test (BA-BIST) diagnostics at PC-based JTAG/ Bscan or ICT+JTAG/Bscan.
The systems speed was A-scan line rate: 1.2 kHz, Bscan frame rate (512 lines/frame): 2 fps.
The diagnosis of retinoblastoma is a clinical one but all cases are always assessed by an ophthalmologist, who will perform a Bscan (sonar) and an examination under anaesthesia, in which the number, size and location of every tumour is documented either with a retinal drawing or, if a Retcam is available, with a retinal photograph.
The transducer was placed in a longitudinal position (sagittal plane) until optimal Bscan images, according to echoes of the A-mode, were obtained.
Note it requires BSCAN compliance for devices on both ends of the high-speed channel.
BSCAN Phase I began on Staten Island in April 30, 2007.
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