BSCDBritish Ski Club for the Disabled (UK)
BSCDBritish Society for CAL in Dentistry (computer-assisted learning)
BSCDBellingham Scottish Country Dancers (Washington)
BSCDBrothers and Sisters of Charity, Domestic
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Sandra J Cobban, RDH, MDE, Eunice M Edgington, RDH, BScD, MEd and Joanne B Clovis, PhD
The BSCD has issued a statement in which it said that the Society led its Board of Directors' Chairman Dr.
University of Toronto BScD (dental hygiene) graduates 1978-1995: Where are they now?
Questioning Language Contact is the first volume of the new peer-reviewed book series oBrill Studies in Language Contact and Dynamics of Languageo (BSCD), which focuses on the study of language contact, use, and change.
Eunice Edgington, RDH, BScD, MAEd, is assistant professor and supervisor of hospital rotations, Dental Hygiene Program; and Jan Pimlott, RDH, BScD, MSc, is associate professor and director of the Dental Hygiene Program; both at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.