BSCTBehavioral Science Consultation Team
BSCTBoneless Skinless Chicken Thigh (recipes)
BSCTBehavioral Self-Control Training
BSCTBlood Stem Cell Transplantation
BSCTBasic Skills Competency Test (evaluation)
BSCTBay State Cable Ties LLC
BSCTBrain Stem Conduction Time (hearing)
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BSCT personnel devised interrogation strategies and provided oversight
became commander of Guantanamo in late 2002, created BSCT (pronounced
BSCT consists of psychologists and psychiatrists who serve as
detention facilities, BSCT medical personnel provide
While they are not the actual interrogators, BSCT psychologists and
Additionally, BSCT personnel perform psychological assessments of
(81) BSCT health personnel also prepare psychological profiles for the
function of a BSCT scientist is to point out the detainee's
In essence, BSCT health consultants used their medical and
Since APA members faced being drawn into the BSCT teams, the group felt compelled to develop a set of guidelines.
Sharfstein, alarmed by published reports about the BSCT teams and their potential to engage in torture, wasn't reassured by his visit and urged military officials to exclude psychiatrists from involvement in interrogations.
Miller approved the creation of Behavioral Science Consultation Teams (BSCTs), which would include psychologists and other medical professionals.