BSCTBehavioral Science Consultation Team
BSCTBehavioral Self-Control Training
BSCTBlood Stem Cell Transplantation
BSCTBasic Skills Competency Test (evaluation)
BSCTBay State Cable Ties LLC
BSCTBrain Stem Conduction Time (hearing)
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Additionally, BSCT personnel perform psychological assessments of
81) BSCT health personnel also prepare psychological profiles for the
function of a BSCT scientist is to point out the detainee's
In essence, BSCT health consultants used their medical and
end, BSCT psychologists and psychiatrists are required to receive
using it for defensive purposes, BSCT scientists are using the data from
John Leso, a BSCT psychologist, monitored the interrogation of Qahtani.
The Bush Administration contends that when BSCT physicians
physicianhood" of BSCT physicians and relegated them
officials argue that BSCT physicians are not bound by physicians'
of BSCT psychiatrists to direct and supervise interrogations.
Pentagon's assertion that BSCT psychiatrists may participate in