BSCWBasic Support for Cooperative Work
BSCWBritish Society of Comedy Writers (UK)
BSCWBuddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom (est. 1967)
BSCWBoston Sports Club Wellesley (Wellesley, MA)
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* Awareness of performed activities in user environment is implemented in different formats within most of the collaborative systems, but only BSCW and Moodle provide persistent storage of all performed events and some basic statistics of users' behavior too.
Mediante un foro en la herramienta colaborativa BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work), los investigadores debatieron y realizaron distintas aportaciones con el fin de identificar que competencias basicas estan relacionadas con la evaluacion orientada al aprendizaje.
Kaj Gronbaek observes a renewed sociability through new social networks, (Wikis, BSCW, Weblog), and proposes to focus on local public spaces and on interactions between people who share the same physical space.
BSCL [26] is based on BSCW and offers a group of students a web-based shared workspace.
Other systems such as Wikis (Wiki, 2002) or BSCW (FIT, 2004) allow users to share and exchange documents in groups or communities, but do not provide functionality for information retrieval of online literature.
The concept of collaborative work has prompted the development of several web-based tools, such as Basic Support for Cooperative Work (BSCW) (Appelt & Mambrey, 1999) or Learning Space (based on Lotus Notes).
The asynchronous communication was performed using the BSCW tool (http://, whereby the synchronous interaction was mainly achieved through the ICQ ( chat tool.
The BSCW system (Appelt & Mambrey, 1999) is based on the metaphor of shared workspaces.