BSDCBeatrice State Developmental Center (Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services; Beatrice, NE)
BSDCBinary Symmetric Dependent Channel
BSDCBinary Self-Dual Code
BSDCBusiness Skills Development Centre (South Africa)
BSDCBursal Secretory Dendritic Cell
BSDCBridge Street Development Corporation (New York)
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Elkington chose to take a successful Performa into bankruptcy because he felt that the Federal Bankruptcy Court was best equipped to handle the complex financial litigation involved in the firm's dispute with BSDC.
The updated BSDC standard has eliminated this option based on the fact that "Oresearch and field performance over the past several years has shown epoxy coated reinforcing does not provide the improved corrosion resistance that was expected.
BSDC has scheduled a series of Webinars on the following topics, in the following weeks including:
BSDC has created a program that will educate the Central Brooklyn communities about avoiding foreclosures.
The truly important services and functions provided by BSDC include creating housing for low- and moderate-income families through homeownership programs and rental housing," said Grannum.
BSDC has been a good partner in this project and we look forward to working with them on this and other projects.
We believe the change announced today, coupled with our earlier BSDC announcement, will serve as a springboard for the growth of both Harbour Island and Tampa," he added.
Executives of Beneficial Corporation were joined by state and city officials at a reception held at the University Club to celebrate the opening of BSDC, which is based at Barnett Plaza in Tampa.