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BSDLBoundary Scan Description Language
BSDLBoundary-Scan Description Language (language used in design of electronic test logic)
BSDLBiotechnological Sciences Delft Leiden (Netherlands)
BSDLBerkeley/San Diego License
BSDLBoundary Scan Design Language (computing)
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Sensitive pins of an IC device with boundary scan should not to be controlled and should preferably be made "internal." Exposing them even as an "observe only" function in the BSDL will sometimes lead to undesirable behavior and cause the test to be unstable.
The TI SN74BCT8244A BSDL file listed the following instruction opcode:
On April 6, 2009, the Attorney General of Belize sued Telemedia and BSDL in the Belize Supreme Court.
Built-in software automatically assigns the correct BSDL and libraries to devices by referencing part numbers of the devices as declared in the BoM.
GOEPEL electronic has announced the availability of additional features in its TAPChecker[TM] EDA software for the generation of BSDL test benches.
With tools such as Teradyne's BasicScan, it is easy to automatically generate a digital model quickly from the BSDL, and it can even deal with configurations and tied pins.
1149.6 implementation on PCBs is the availability of a compliant BSDL that is physically verified from the silicon.
JTAG Technologies has introduced a BSDL Verification/Creation System that automatically extracts the boundary-scan structure from the silicon (chip) to create the BSDL file, or if a BSDL file already exists, to verify its accuracy compared with the device.