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BSDLBoundary-Scan Description Language (language used in design of electronic test logic)
BSDLBiotechnological Sciences Delft Leiden (Netherlands)
BSDLBerkeley/San Diego License
BSDLBoundary Scan Design Language (computing)
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The details entered into the BSDL do not match the actual boundary scan cell and registers in the silicon.
Sometimes, cell orders are changed during silicon revisions, and these may lead to incompatible BSDL files for production boards that may have a mix of old and new chip revisions.
Any changes to the board data, such as editing the BSDL or libraries, or changing the device information, will trigger the software's internal validation process to analyze if the changes require regeneration of the boundary scan test.
This will help analyze whether a failure is related to the BSDL or to the boundary scan cell inside the device.
The TI SN74BCT8244A BSDL file listed the following instruction opcode:
Once the boundary scan devices, BSDL and board topology are described to the ICT development software, boundary scan test generation is automatic.
BSDL files describe the boundary-scan test functionality of an integrated circuit device.
ASSET's ScanWorks(TM) system is used to validate the BSDL files.
In addition, XJTAG supports a wider range of BSDL (boundary scan description language) files, offers a growing database of reusable test scripts, and now also supports the Protel(R) netlists parser.
With a reference design kit that includes development boards, Cynapse(TM) applications programming interface (API), data plane macros for standard NPUs, Verilog, IBIS and BSDL models, and a complete set of application notes, designers have everything they need to get to market quickly.
Validated schematic and layout symbols and BSDL file for board
Included in the reference designs are IBIS models, BSDL files, schematics, libraries, BOM, device drivers and management software.