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BSDIBerkeley Software Design, Inc
BSDIBerkeley Software Design Inc.
BSDIBelgian Security & Defence Industry (Brussels, Belgium)
BSDIBordereau de Suivi de Déchets Industriels (French)
BSDIBorg Scale Dyspnea Index
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In order to reduce the invasiveness of the porting effort, a completely redesigned version of NOW MOSIX was developed for the BSDI version of UNIX [Barak et al., 1995].
Initially proposed and evaluated by Ganger and Patt [1994], soft updates has now been incorporated into the 4.4BSD fast file system (FFS) used in the NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and BSDI operating systems [McKusick and Ganger 1999].
Versions are available for most flavors of UNIX, including Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, SGI, IRIX, Mac OS X Server, BSDI, AIX, LinuxPPC, SunOS, and Windows(R) NT(tm).
Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Postfix integrates into the Postfix e-mail processing system running on Linux, FreeBSD or BSDI operating systems.
It is actually a very advanced development environment designed to meet and exceed the needs of software developers of all backgrounds on a variety of platforms, which includes Windows, Linux, SunOS Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, DEC Unix, SCO, SGI, Unixware, FreeBSD, and BSDI. CRiSP is also very affordable, with prices beginning at $149.99 per license.
Merchant ships on Windows 95/98 & NT, Solaris , BSDI, Cobalt, Digital Unix, Linux, SCO, SGI, and runs on any web server supporting CGI, ISAPI or NSAPI.
The platform used for the performance measurements is a homogeneous cluster of Pentium Pro processor boards, running the BSD/OS (Version 3.0) operating system from BSDI. Each node contains a 200MHz Pentium Pro, 64MB of EDO-RAM, and a 2.5GB IDE disk.