BSENBiological Systems Engineering
BSENBritish Standard European Norm
BSENBedfordshire Social Enterprise Network (also seen as BedSEN; UK)
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According to BSEN 24624 (93) and ISO 4624 (1978) (Figure 4).
In the US, ASHRAE Standard 55 (2010) also provides several different methods for determining acceptable thermal conditions, namely the graphical method using defined comfort zones on a psychrometric chart, the computer model method that is based on the relationship of predicted percentage of dissatisfied (PPD) and predicted mean vote (PMV), and a third method specifically for naturally conditioned spaces that defines adaptive thresholds in a manner very similar to the adaptive comfort limits defined by BSEN 15251.
The entire system was designed in accordance with BSEN 12696:2000 which is the standard for cathodic protection of steel reinforcement in concrete.
According to a previous statement by Basco, the traffic safety solution by Ennis Primo is developed on performance-based benchmarks and is manufactured under the code BSEN 1436.
Extensive training will be provided, including: BS7036 powered door training; BSEN 12445 industrial & commercial doors & gates; IPAF, PASMA and H&S, all leading to an NVQ & ADSA qualification.
Regarding the issues related to land, there are numerous laws including regulations pertaining to the packaging, the instructions on packaging waste from European Commission of legislation, evaluation and granting permission to chemical materials, and BSEN 13432 standard.
To protect your eyes, make sure your sunglasses comply with BSEN 1836: 1997 or bear the CE kite mark and are marked UV 400.
Table 1 LME Copper Grade A Futures Contract Specification Contract Grade A Copper Lot Size Lot size 25 tonnes (with a tolerance of +/- 2%) Form Grade A cathodes conforming to BSEN 1978:1998 Delivery Dates Daily for cash to 3 months (first prompt date two working days from cash).
HR Plate produced by KS is used mainly for steel structure, shipbuilding industry and for steel pipes which have met the international standards in quality such as the standards of American Petroleum Institute (API) especially for oil and gas pipe, and American Society Testing Material (ASTM), British Standard (BS), British Standard Europe Norm (BSEN) and Japan Industrial Standard (JIS).
It is also advising people to follow these sunglasses tips: * Check sunglasses comply with BSEN 1836: 1997 or carry the CE kite mark and are marked UV 400; * If you already have sunglasses, take them into your local optician to be UV tested; * Invest in photochromic lenses, which instantly adapt to light changes, darkening in bright light.
McDermott: first Groundworker in construction to have 'Integrated Management System' McDermott has long had a strong focus on Quality and in January 2008 became accredited to BSEN 9001 and in August 2010 achieved the Environmental standard BSEN 14001.
In September 2008 the new European standard BSEN 62305:2006, Protection against Lightning, superseded the previous British standard BS 6651:1999, Protection of Structures against Lightning, and created the need for companies to re-evaluate their compliance.