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BSERBest System of Emission Reduction (US EPA)
BSERBrain Stem Evoked Response (Audiology)
BSERBrain Stem Electric Response (audiometry)
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(7.) EPA uses 2012 baseline year when applying the BSER calculations.
As part of its re-proposed ruling, EPA cites technology as one of four factors that it considers in making a BSER determination.
Findings revealed abnormal auditory brainstem evoked responses (BSER) to a unique dichotic stimulus called Virtual Image Analysis (VIA) (Dalton and Cooper, 1985, United States Patent #4,5560601985) expanded the clinically established brainstem evoked response paradigm by adding a third dimension to the results.
Of those, 42 had both a baseline and a 6-month follow-up brain-stem-evoked response (BSER) audiometry (J.
Techniques such as electroencephalography (EEG), event-related potentials (ERP), and brainstem-evoked response (BSER) all share a common approach to cortical electrophysiology -- scalp electrodes are used to detect electrical activity generated by the brain.
It is called the brain stem evoked response (BSER) audiogram.
at 64,513 (establishing a BSER consistent with a highly efficient supercritical pulverized coal boiler implementing partial carbon capture and sequestration).
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at 1468 (noting that key factors in a BSER determination include both costs and technological feasibility); see, e.g., H.
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