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BSERBest System of Emission Reduction (US EPA)
BSERBrain Stem Evoked Response (Audiology)
BSERBrain Stem Electric Response (audiometry)
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As part of its re-proposed ruling, EPA cites technology as one of four factors that it considers in making a BSER determination.
Of the 43 patients with a BSER at both baseline and at 1 year or beyond, 5 of 24 (21%) ganciclovir recipients had worsening of hearing at 1 year or beyond, compared with 13 of 19 (68%) control patients.
Likewise, although BSER information can reflect initial sensory detection and brainstem response to very brief evoking stimuli, the temporal duration of the BSER (approximately 10-15 ms) precludes its use for studying longer and later occurring cognitive processes involved in these activities.
A trained audiologist, with at least a master's degree, should perform the BSER test; the equipment is now available in most cities.
at 64,513 (establishing a BSER consistent with a highly efficient supercritical pulverized coal boiler implementing partial carbon capture and sequestration).
Order by check to BSER c/o Karin Orsi, 286 Auburn St.