BSFCBurden Scale for Family Caregivers (mental health)
BSFCBishops Stortford Football Club (UK)
BSFCBrake Specific Fuel Consumption (amount of fuel consumed by an engine divided by its power output)
BSFCBihar State Financial Corporation (est. 1954; India)
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In the last 12 months alone, BSFC students have accounted for more than 25 per cent of the programme.
The decreasing in BSFC correlated with a small increasing of engine's effective power, are the immediate effect of a more appropriate ignition timing (that are influenced by the value of isentropic bulk modulus) of ultrasonic biodiesel conditioned, to that of diesel fuel.
Figure 5 is the comparison graph of BSFC of different blends of biodiesel at different loads.
The following year, the students managed to pull together $100,000 and created their own business that upheld their moral values: the BSFC.
papers, appeared in the scientific literature, claims that increasing hydrogen content in the NG engine allows BSFC, BSCO2, BSCO, BSHC to be reduced, improving the engine efficiency and reducing the pollutants emissions (Bauer, 2001; Akansu, 2004; Ortenzi, 2008).
The use of vegetable oil results in increased volumetric fuel consumption and BSFC [15].
In addition to being strengths-based, BSFC uses the positive expectations of therapists to affect client success.
Other key performance measures such as BSFC, full load ratings and torque availability are expected to remain broadly similar to those figures when using the current 5% RME mix.