BSGABritish Sign and Graphics Association (Cambridgeshire, UK)
BSGABussy Saint Georges Athletisme (French fitness club)
BSGABureau of State Government Affairs (American Osteopathic Association)
BSGABachelor of Science in Governmental Administration
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The 2016 marine heat waves in NA and BSGA were contiguous over broad swaths of the ocean (within the boxed regions: 4.76 Mkm2 for NA, 2.45 Mkm2 for BSGA; Figs.
The probability distributions of NA and BSGA event intensities and durations from the observations and model runs, and the corresponding FAR values are shown in Fig.
For the BSGA region, the distributions of MHW intensities were significantly different between DMI+ and DMI- phases (p < 0.01), with the 90th percentiles showing MHW events as being slightly more intense (1.39[degrees]C vs.
In 2016, both the NA and BSGA regions experienced their most intense MHWs across the 35year satellite SST record.
2016 MHWs in (left) NA and (right) BSGA. (a),(b) SST anomalies ([degrees]C) during the peak of each event (date indicated in panel) and unhatched areas indicate regions defined as MHW on that date according to the Hobday et al.