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BSGSBaby Step Giant Step (algorithm)
BSGSBase and Strong Generating Set
BSGSBulk Specialty Gas System
BSGSBroadcasting Support Grant Scheme (cultural history project; Turkey)
BSGSBlack Sheep Gaming Society
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The BSGs, including cartilage support at the anterior and inferior part (figure 1), were placed at the bottom of the manubrium mallei and the annulus as an underlay graft.
The BSG group was made up of 59 patients, 32 boys and 27 girls (mean age: 12.3 yr), and the SSG group was made up of 62 patients, 29 boys and 33 girls (mean age: 12.4 yr).
For localization of mRNAs, sense and antisense probes for BsGCLM, BsGS, BsCu/Zn-SOD, BsGPx3, and BsGPx5 transcripts were obtained using T7 RNA- and SP6 RNA-polymerase.
In silico translation of the transcript of bsgs gave a putative protein of 425 amino acids with an eu-GS superfamily domain, typical of glutathione synthases (GSs) and necessary for the creation of the ATP-dependent bond between [gamma]-glutamylcysteine and glycine, spanning from amino acid 10 to 400 (Fig.
(2002), utilized multiple learning cycles to increase the learning effects of BSGs. The following research issues can be observed regarding the above-mentioned game models.
This research aims to conduct a quantitative experiment to validate the effect of the learning cycles (Issue 1) of three different complexity levels of BSGs (Issue 2) on the basis of the perceptions of college students with different majors in Taiwan (Issue 3).
Construction of the BSGS project is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2015 to supply crude oil gathering and transportation services to the core of the Midland Basin in Texas.
This functional form could be the result of the end of main sequence evolution for BSGs [25].
The judge at his employment tribunal wasn't impressed with the way BSGS tried to deny ever employing Chris and ordered it to pay him PS379.29.
Although Taiwan initiated BSGs as early as 1973 (Kung-Hwa Management Foundation, 2010), only in recent years have higher education institutes adopted BSGs for classroom activities and conducted national competitions in this area.
Therefore, the taper feature might serve as one optimal configuration for designing the BSG when considering the benefits of the helical flow mechanism.