BSHCBoston Senior Home Care (Boston, MA)
BSHCBowdoin Street Health Center (Boston, MA)
BSHCBering Sea Habitat Conservation (US NOAA)
BSHCBrake Specific Hydrocarbons
BSHCBlue Springs-Hoke County (North Carolina)
BSHCBulgarian Ship Hydrodynamics Centre (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; Asparuhovo, Bulgaria)
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Donchev has explicitly praised the BSHC of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for being one of the few Bulgarian scientific and research centers whose products are marketable, and promised to talk to the Bulgarian ministers of economy and education in order to seek ways to support the institution.
papers, appeared in the scientific literature, claims that increasing hydrogen content in the NG engine allows BSFC, BSCO2, BSCO, BSHC to be reduced, improving the engine efficiency and reducing the pollutants emissions (Bauer, 2001; Akansu, 2004; Ortenzi, 2008).
I'm originally from Iowa and I obtained my LPN in '85, my AD in nursing at WNC in '85, and my BSHC at Juliet, IL in '02.