BSHOPBridge Street House of Prayer (Grand Rapids, MI)
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Other methodological advances included the following: (1) use of Health Care Effectiveness Data and Information Set rules to determine what constitutes a behavioral health diagnosis; (2) internal review of behavioral health diagnoses and their International Classification of Diseases-9 (ICD-9) codes (by the BSHOP Strategic and Clinical Integration and Evaluation Section) and external review by clinicians (colleagues and subject matter experts); (3) alignment of race/ethnicity categories with Office of Management and Budget guidelines; (4) creation of a process to resolve discrepancies in static demographic variables (gender, date of birth, race/ethnicity).
The involvement of BHSS in the project also piqued interest in LSS tools and methodologies among other sections within BSHOP and resulted in 15 employees obtaining their Yellow Belt certification.
Use of LSS to identify and quantify the steps in the process that are not of value will result in improvements (3) as demonstrated by the BSHOP LSS project described here.