BSHRBon Secours Hampton Roads (Norfolk, VA)
BSHRBidirectional Self Healing Ring (SDH and SONET network transmission)
BSHRBachelors of Science in Human Resources Management
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BSHR HealthPort aims at bridging the existing cross-sectoral gaps by involving the regional key actors in the value chain of health care innovations.
BSHR HealthPort partners and associated organizations cover all health care related sectors and comprise expertise from triple helix organizations, public authorities, health care providers, industries, universities, financing institutions, as well as owners of health care providers.
Service providers using the Sycamore SN 16000 intelligent optical switch and Siemens SDH ADMs will be able to inter-work Siemens' 2F/4F BSHR protection scheme with any other traditional ring or dynamic mesh protection scheme supported by the SN 16000.