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BSICBase Station Identity Code
BSICBanque Sahélo-Saharienne pour l'Investissement et le Commerce (French: Sahalian-Saharan Investment and Trade Bank)
BSICBase Station Identification Code
BSICBlind Spatial Interference Canceler
BSICBernadine Sitts Intermediate Center (Garden City, KS)
BSICBusiness and Systems Integration Consulting (business process management)
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The winners of BSIC junior category were New Millennium School Bahrain and winners in the senior category were New Indian School Bahrain.
Abakar Adoum, Managing Director of BSIC, signed the Line of financing agreement for the amount of nine million euros under the Wakalah structure or agency contract.
A partnership agreement was signed recently at the headquarters of BIAT, in the presence of the General Directorate of BIAT and that of BSIC Group supported by 14 Managing Directors of various subsidiaries.
De son cote, le president du conseil d'administration et le directeur general de BSIC, Ali Omar Mukhtar, a note que, lors de cette rencontre, la Banque vise a negocier avec le Maroc la possibilite d'etre actionnaire dans la Banque, precisant que la BSIC est presente dans 14 pays africains et ambitionne de faire partie des principaux groupes bancaires du continent.
Yusuf Al-Herbesh said freedom was a gift from Allah the Almighty, and it was a bsic right like education and health care.
Numerous other OBI graphs writing "temporal" sui are elaborations f this bsic form that can only be called very close cousins to "sacrificial" sui glyphs like <[??]> and <[??]>.
Through its agents BIAO, Banque Atlantique, BSIC and UBA, MoneyGram's international money transfer service is offered in 344 locations across the country.
85 Basic Earth Science BSIC.OB 9,086 7,447 Systems Inc.
Basic Earth Science Systems Incorporated (Basic Earth) (OTCBB: BSIC), an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, has announced that its Board of Directors has approved an extension of its share buyback programme.
They also can demodulate and decode the received signals to determine the base station identity code (BSIC) or digital color code (DCC).
Five scanner decodes DVCC, BSIC and PN decoding simultaneously.