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BSICBase Station Identity Code
BSICBanque Sahélo-Saharienne pour l'Investissement et le Commerce (French: Sahalian-Saharan Investment and Trade Bank)
BSICBase Station Identification Code
BSICBlind Spatial Interference Canceler
BSICBernadine Sitts Intermediate Center (Garden City, KS)
BSICBusiness and Systems Integration Consulting (business process management)
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Le bureau abritera aussi les reunions du conseil d'administration de la Banque ou de toute autre commission creee par la BSIC pour gerer ses affaires en Tunisie, a condition que le gouvernement tunisien soit informe a l'avance de ces reunions.
Cette representation de la BSIC serait appelee, egalement, a financer des projets en Tunisie, apres approbation de la Banque Centrale de Tunisie (BCT) et du ministere de Finances, qui fixeront les conditions d'octroi des credits.
Ont procede a la signature de cette convention le ministre de Finances, Mohamed Ridha Chalghoum et le president du conseil d'administration de la BSIC, Ali Omar Mokhtar.
Abakar Adoum, Managing Director of BSIC, signed the Line of financing agreement for the amount of nine million euros under the Wakalah structure or agency contract.
In addition, BSIC is an institution ICD is familiar with, having extended a line of finance to other subsidiaries of the Group.
A partnership agreement was signed recently at the headquarters of BIAT, in the presence of the General Directorate of BIAT and that of BSIC Group supported by 14 Managing Directors of various subsidiaries.
This partnership will help support customers of the first bank in the country in their investments in "Sub-Saharan Africa" where BSIC Group is present.
La BIAT vient de signer une convention de partenariat avec le Groupe BSIC (Banque Sahelo Saharienne pour l'Investissement et le Commerce).
En presence de la Direction Generale de la BIAT, de celle du Groupe BSIC appuyee par 14 Directeurs Generaux Adjoints des differentes filiales du Groupe, une convention de partenariat a
The Company is currently traded under the symbol BSIC on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board, pending receipt of a new trading symbol.
Tenders are invited for Providing consultancey services as 3rd (third) party inspection for developemental works (improvements and constructuctions of road and drains, ugd driking water supply system, parks, building, indoor and outdoor electricals works with maintanance work and procurements of all materials) taken up under 13th finance 2013-14 , a)genral bsic grant, b) roads and bridges c) genral performence grnats d)brgf e) corporation genral grant f) bharaparihar grants g) flub damages h) scarcity and i)ashraya grants.
Basic Earth is traded on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board under the symbol BSIC.