BSIDBayley Scale of Infant Development
BSIDBritish Society for Investigative Dermatology
BSIDBachelor of Science in Industrial Design
BSIDBrenodi Sixth Infantry Division (gaming)
BSIDBay Station Identification
BSIDBusiness Systems and Integration Division
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Estimates of association from studies using the BSID were extracted but could not be combined in a meta-analysis or visually displayed collectively in a figure because estimates were reported on different scales and used different association metrics (Table 5).
In an analysis of pooled results, both maternal supplementation and infant supplementation were reported to result in similarly improved neurodevelopment, with standardised mean difference in BSID being 0.
2% of PPAT were formally trained IDs; if IDs who were formally certified by the BSID were added, 67.
The versions of the BSID assessment used in these studies included two main scores: the Mental Development Index (MDI) and the Psychomotor Development Index (PDI).
Regarding developmental assessments, 3 children were too old for BSID assessments, and BSID data were missing for 8 children cared for by family members at home due to difficulty with many rescheduled and missed appointments.
BSID, SICD-R, and MLU Scores for Child Participants BSID SICD-R Participant MDI PDI RCA ECA MLU 1 88 111 24 16 1.
00) 36 -- 65 BSID measures Non-verbal mental age 24.
Correlations between HOME and BSID scores were not statistically significant for the Costa Rican sample; however, HOME scores were significantly correlated with other child development and child health measures.
Both of the preceding tests are limited to children whose skills are typical of children in the sensorimotor period of development, or just a few months beyond in the case of the BSID.
Most of the evidence of cognitive impairment associated with prenatal Pb exposure comes from global developmental assessments, particularly the BSID (Bellinger et al.
The BSID is the most commonly used infant developmental assessment measure.
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