BSIMBig Sur International Marathon (California)
BSIMBerkeley Short-Channel IGFET Model
BSIMBachelor of Science in Industrial Management
BSIMBritish Society of Integrated Medicine (UK)
BSIMBhavan-SIET (State Institute of Education Technology) Institute of Management (India)
BSIMBusiness Services Identity Management (Hewlett Packard)
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2 are represented by the BSIM models of 50 nm technology; the L and W values are listed in Table II.
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Robbins added that BSIM's "Schools for Schools" project will also provide educational materials through the DepEd, as well as host trainings and workshops for teachers of the recipient schools.
Model used is the same level 54 based BSIM 4.0 model.
Hu, BSIM 4.6.0 MOSFET model, Department of electrical engineering and computer sciences, University of California, Berkeley.
The BSIM was designed for people just like Brinkman because the institution recognized a need among adult students with technical college degrees.
BSIM's director surveyed the program's 177 graduates to determine if the degree benefited them professionally and economically as envisioned.
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Among these tools, ESP-r, TRNSYS, EnergyPlus, DOE-2 with RADCOOL, BSim, DeST, IDA ICE, PowerDomus and SUNREL have the capability to handle phase change problems (Crawley et al., 2005; Pedersen, 2007; Stetiu and Feustel, 1998; Rose et al., 2009).
PCM Modules in Building Simulation Programs and the Corresponding Methodology Reference Software PCM Discrete Heat Capacity Numerical Form Calculation Method Heim, 2010 ESP-r Effective Finite Explicit heat volume capacity Jokisalo et TRNSYS (Type Effective Finite Crank-Nicholson al., 2000 204) heat element capacity Kuznik et TRNSYS (Type Effective Finite Explicit al., 2010 260) heat difference capacity Pedersen, EnergyPlus Enthalpy Finite Implicit 2007 difference Rose et BSim Enthalpy Finite Explicit al., 2009 volume
Models were introduced in BSim for outdoor ventilated cavities, and for 1D airflow through building envelopes.