BSL-3Core Biosafety Level 3 Core (University of Michigan)
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The BSL-3 laboratory is one of the largest in Pakistan, with experienced staff that have been well-trained in Tuberculosis (TB) diagnostics and bio-safety practices.
"The leadership of QU-BRC is working so hard to establish BSL-3 in the country because it will open a lot of doors in terms of research.
Traditionally, the air within a BSL-3 laboratory is changed eight to 12 times per hour, but it isn't uncommon to find the heat load from the equipment within drives the air exchange rate higher.
BSL-4 builds upon the containment requirements of BSL-3 and is the highest level of biological safety.
BSL-4 laboratory orientation training assumes that the person has already mastered all procedures for safe and secure handling of infectious agents at the BSL-2 and ideally BSL-3 levels.
A major proliferation of high-containment BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs is taking place in the United States, according to the literature, federal agency officials, and experts.
Product sub-category: providing consultancy services for bsl-3 chiller
Maybe Washington, DC, the city has no facilities (I don't know that they don't nor do I know what the universities have), but I can assure you that the Washington, DC, area has fully operational containment facilities operating at BSL-3.
The high case-fatality ratio of HCPS (40%), coupled with its airborne transmission by captive rodents, has led to classification of the agents of HCPS as biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) in tissue culture and BSL-4 in reservoir host rodents.
Electrical work CI: Establishment of state of the art Regional level Viral Research and Diagnostic Laboratory including BSL-3 facility at first floor and C2: Establishment of state of the art Regional level Research and Diagnostic Laboratory including BSL-2 facility at Ground floor of Banting Hall, J1PMER, Puducherry.
National contract notice: Passage autoclave to bsl-3 laboratory