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BSLEBachelor of Science in Law Enforcement (various schools)
BSLEBenign Summer Light Eruption
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Based on the clinical investigations, the patient was diagnosed with BSLE with lupus nephritis.
Blisters in SLE can be because of BSLE or SLE with blisters.
In this report, we described the case ofa young girl with BSLE as an initial manifestation.
Type 2 BSLE is characterized by the presence of first four criteria although the location of the antigen is undefined or the dermal antigen is other than type VII collagen.
Our patient fulfilled all BSLE criteria although autoantibodies could not be demonstrated to type VII collagen to determine the type.
Type VII collagen is the major component of anchoring fibrils at the dermal-epidermal junction and the main target of immune system in BSLE such as epidermolysis bullosa acquisita.
The pathogenesis of developing nephritis in BSLE is not clear.
BSLE(M-S)C30 is a strain of BSLE developed after 30 cycles of mass selection for reduced ear length.
BSLE(M-L)C30 is a strain of BSLE developed after 30 cycles of mass selection for increased ear length.
BSLE(M-S)C30 and BSLE(M-L)C30 are significantly different from each other for ear length and other plant and ear traits, and both populations are significantly different from BSLE, the original population, for all traits except for grain yield of BSLE and BSLE(M-L)C27 (Lopez-Mendoza and Hallauer, 1998).
"I thank the Board of Governors of The Florida Bar and the BSLE for their support of the adoption law certification program and the children and families of this state."
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