BSLMBay State Love Machine (band; Brookline, MA)
BSLMBend Stiffener Latching Mechanism (engineering product)
BSLMBusiness Service Level Management
BSLMBody Surface Laplacian Map (electrocardiography)
BSLMBlock Surface Light Microscopy
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Diets were formulated as corn-soy (control) and the control plus 15% BSLM purchased at Harmony House (Franklin, N.C.).
A formulated corn and soy feed, right, was the control in a trial to assess adding BSLM (broccoli stems and leaves meal), left, to a poultry diet.
Total carotenoids were statistically different at 1.11 x 10[sup.-3], 2.56 x 10[sup.-4], 4.10 x 10[sup.-5] and 9.77 x 10[sup.-5] pounds of total carotenoid per 100 pounds of BSLM, the control plus 15% BSLM, cornmeal, and a corn-soy commercial diet, respectively.
Eggs laid by hens fed a diet enhanced with 15% BSLM (broccoli stems and leaves meal) had a darker yolk (top) than eggs laid by hens fed a diet without BSLM (bottom).
For the final 10 days, color scores were 7.70 [+ or -] 0.35 and 10.60 [+ or -] 0.36 for the control and control plus 15% BSLM, respectively.
The addition of BSLM (broccoli stems and leaves meal) to the poultry diet resulted in significantly higher scores.
Egg production, egg weight, albumen height and Haugh units were not affected by adding 15% BSLM to the commercial diet.
2: Feed consumption and weight gained were determined weekly and the feed conversion ratio was calculated for the two treatments: the control, a commercial corn-soy feed, and the control plus 15% BSLM (broccoli stems and leaves meal).
"EERC is providing BSLM a working site with waste water permits already in place plus a regular, guaranteed, minimum supply of brown grease for conversion -- this partnership allows us to install modern, modular and fault-tolerant equipment fairly rapidly and at extremely low risk," Bennett added.