BSLTBig Sur Land Trust
BSLTBasalt (lithological term)
BSLTBritish School of Leather Technology
BSLTBuffalo Springs Lake Triathlon (Lubbock, TX)
BSLTBeaconsfield School of Lawn Tennis (Beaconsfield, England, UK)
BSLTBilateral, Sequential Lung Transplant (medical procedure)
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Table 3 lists the color and percent mortality of the nine fractions towards BSLT.
Furthermore, BSLT results showed that the extracts were bioactive against A.
The dose-effect analysis for the BSLT correlated positively with the cytotoxic activities identified by probit analysis.
Hexane [greater than or equal to] 200 Chloroform [greater than or equal to] 200 Ethyl Acetate [greater than or equal to] 200 * Generated using the BSLT, ([dagger]) LC50 values greater than 200 [micro]g/ml are not considered cytotoxic.
The 1,100-acre Arthur and Harriet Mitteldorf Preserve in Carmel Valley was purchased by the namesake couple for public use under BSLT management.
According to Zad Leavy, the trust's longtime executive director, BSLT pioneered the "conservation buyer" method in 1989, when Hewlett-Packard co-founder David Packard purchased a 3,000-acre portion of the south coast Gamboa Ranch (the other half went to the University of California's Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve) at a reduced price predicated on an agreement not to develop the property beyond its ranch character.
Apropos of the regional environmental network, Earl Moser later became president of BSLT and the trust's Zad Leavy served on the MPRPD Board.
Facilitated by BSLT, the action stopped new hotel development plans.
Deviating from its standard nonpolitical position, BSLT joined local residents in opposition.
Ironically, the CPOA and BSLT, which had been on different sides of earlier issues, now expressed agreement on most fundamentals.
BSLT will invest the capital to enhance the current design and complete pre-production prototypes.
CRII will also make laser crystals produced by NTEC available to BSLT for use in other products.