BSLTBig Sur Land Trust
BSLTBasalt (lithological term)
BSLTBritish School of Leather Technology
BSLTBuffalo Springs Lake Triathlon (Lubbock, TX)
BSLTBeaconsfield School of Lawn Tennis (Beaconsfield, England, UK)
BSLTBilateral, Sequential Lung Transplant (medical procedure)
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Brine shrimp lethality test (BSLT) is an in vivo test which is used as a convenient monitoring assay for screening and fractionation in the discovery of bioactive natural products.
Table 3 lists the color and percent mortality of the nine fractions towards BSLT. Among the 9 pooled fractions, EAE 1 showed the highest percentage mortality against the brine shrimps at 100 ppm concentration.
Furthermore, BSLT results showed that the extracts were bioactive against A.
discolor displayed cytotoxicity in the BSLT assay, with an LC50 value of 111 [micro]g/mL, none of its extracts showed significant activity.
The dose-effect analysis for the BSLT correlated positively with the cytotoxic activities identified by probit analysis.
Hexane [greater than or equal to] 200 Chloroform [greater than or equal to] 200 Ethyl Acetate [greater than or equal to] 200 * Generated using the BSLT, ([dagger]) LC50 values greater than 200 [micro]g/ml are not considered cytotoxic.
However, the ratings are constrained by BSLT's below average capitalisation and tightening competition in the industry within the region," PEFINDO said.
The preservationist model adopted by BSLT follows a venerable American tradition.
In its thirty-year history, BSLT has protected more than 30,000 acres of coastal land in a hundred separate transactions.
Several remarkable properties illustrate the variety of methods and partnerships in BSLT's work.
BSLT showed that all extracts are bioactive and caused death to the nauplii after 24 hours of treatment.
"The ratings reflect strong support from the shareholders, improving market position and BSLT's manageable asset quality.