BSMABounded Shortest Multicast Algorithm
BSMABalanced Scanning Mobility Analyzer
BSMABritish Secondary Metals Association
BSMABuilding Societies Members Association (UK)
BSMABritish Schoolboy Motorcycle Association
BSMABovine Spinal Muscular Atrophy
BSMABlake Spur Magnetic Anomaly (North America)
BSMABulbo-Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Kennedy's Syndrome; X-linked)
BSMABank Security Management Association
BSMABombay Sugar Merchants Association (India)
BSMABoundaries and Survey Maps Act (Singapore)
BSMABritish Standard Marine
BSMABangladesh Seed Merchants Association
BSMABuyer Server Management Agent
BSMABram Stoker Memorial Association
BSMABritish Space Model Association
BSMABangladesh Soap Manufacturers Association
BSMABritish Space Modelling Alliance
BSMABritish Space Modelling Association
BSMABroadway School of Music and the Arts
BSMABourbon Street Merchants Association (New Orleans, LA)
BSMABiomolécules: Synthèse et Mécanismes d'Action (French: Biomolecules: Synthesis and Mechanisms of Action; Reims University)
BSMABruges St. Médard Athlétisme (French athletic club)
BSMABusy Signal Multiple Access (computer networking)
BSMABlue Star Mothers of America, Inc. (Tulsa, OK)
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The BSMA student comes from one of 11 sending high schools inside the FTTC district.
In the six years since the BSMA began, student numbers have grown from 43 to 136 pre-enrolled for fall 2013 classes.
For the record, the BSMA instructors do not claim success, but do point to four areas of focus they believe draw the jigsaw-edged pieces of student learning together.
Focusing on an aggressive math and science curriculum, Piercey said the BSMA saw exit composite ACT scores average 27.
The BSMA created a venue where I could devote time to a specific career field.
In addition to a rigorous human anatomy and physiology study, the BSMA also offers microbiology-- a course not often taught in high school.
Between cross-curricular lessons that include math, writing, biology and chemistry, and exceptional experiences, BSMA instructors encourage and challenge their students to develop academically and personally .
CTE calls these soft skills, but BSMA labels them essential to the development of a complete st udent.
She said they tell anyone who will listen that FTTC and BSMA offer great college preparation.
Dreaming may offer inspiration, but academy instructors rely upon advice from the BSMA Advisory Committee members.