BSMABounded Shortest Multicast Algorithm
BSMABalanced Scanning Mobility Analyzer
BSMABritish Secondary Metals Association
BSMABuilding Societies Members Association (UK)
BSMABritish Schoolboy Motorcycle Association
BSMABovine Spinal Muscular Atrophy
BSMABlake Spur Magnetic Anomaly (North America)
BSMABulbo-Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Kennedy's Syndrome; X-linked)
BSMABank Security Management Association
BSMABombay Sugar Merchants Association (India)
BSMABoundaries and Survey Maps Act (Singapore)
BSMABritish Standard Marine
BSMABangladesh Seed Merchants Association
BSMABuyer Server Management Agent
BSMABram Stoker Memorial Association
BSMABritish Space Model Association
BSMABangladesh Soap Manufacturers Association
BSMABritish Space Modelling Alliance
BSMABritish Space Modelling Association
BSMABroadway School of Music and the Arts
BSMABourbon Street Merchants Association (New Orleans, LA)
BSMABiomolécules: Synthèse et Mécanismes d'Action (French: Biomolecules: Synthesis and Mechanisms of Action; Reims University)
BSMABruges St. Médard Athlétisme (French athletic club)
BSMABusy Signal Multiple Access (computer networking)
BSMABlue Star Mothers of America, Inc. (Tulsa, OK)
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Se utilizaron extractos de primordios de las variedades BCL, BGAT y BSMA de dos dias de haberse formado.
Antes de terminar el periodo de incubacion, a los 18 dds, se aplicaron los productos Agromil Plus[R], sulfato de cobre, extractos de primordios de la variedades BCL, BGAT y BSMA y metabolitos de Trichoderma, con la ayuda de un aspersor manual.
BSMA, siendo 61,7% mas rapido que el sustrato sin suplementacion.
Despite the obvious academic successes, she was clearly uncomfortable and ill-at-ease answering questions in the required interview for acceptance into the BSMA.
The BSMA student comes from one of 11 sending high schools inside the FTTC district.
By March 1942, BSMA had called its first convention, held at Flint's Central High School.
By the time of their second convention, BSMA had expanded to include 300,000 members from across the nation.
BSMA director Del Sampson said: "Tammy is a focused and dedicated student who works hard on her technique.
In November 2002, BSMA notified Terumo that it intended to terminate the distribution agreement due, in part, to Terumo's failure to achieve the sales forecast agreed upon by the parties.
BSMA will commence the move from Global House this Friday 28 July.
In order to carry out the technical and physical move, the BSMA Office will be closed on Friday.
Supply and delivery of products and maintenance equipment, household type and catering for the benefit of FAZSOI in Reunion and Mayotte, the Reunion Comgendre, IAHS-R (Reunion) and BSMA -M (Mayotte).