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BSMLBioinformatic Sequence Markup Language
BSMLBinding Schema Markup Language
BSMLBoston School of Modern Language (Massachusetts)
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However, BSML is expected to benefit from its sound operating efficiencies drawn from newly established plant.
Pure Med Spa, BSML Inc., 1 Bellis Fair Parkway #113, Bellingham, WA 98226
Lack of association between vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism (Bsml) and osteomalacia.
Associations of tibial lead levels with Bsml polymorphisms in the vitamin O receptor in former organolead manufacturing workers.
For example, database tool developer Incogen developed a public mark-up language called Visual Bioinformatics Mark-up Language (VBML), while LabBook, which markets a Genomic XML Viewer, uses BSML (Bioinformatic Sequence Mark-up Language).
LabBook licensed its Genomic XML Browser, BSML converters for genomic databases, and its eLabBook to Fujitsu ...
By combining an open and widely accepted extensible Markup Language (XML) standard for bioinformatics, Bioinformatics Sequence Markup Language (BSML), with a biology-smart browser (Genomic XML Browser and XML converters), LabBook has created a front end for life science informatics that enables dynamic integration and annotation of diverse databases.
In a recent study, non-obese women age over 70 years with a bb Bsml genotype had greater quadriceps and grip strength than those with a BB genotype (J Bone Min Dens 1997; 12: 2082-8).
In the BSML Division One, Ahoghill Thistle blasted past Ruby's Rovers while Raceview beat Carniny Rangers and Southside drew 3-3 with Clough.