BSOGBus Service Operators Grant
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But the CBT added the department figures also showed that removing BSOG would cost the economy PS3.
The amount we're getting for BSOG rebate is reducing.
A manager at one of Wales' biggest bus companies, who asked not to be named, said: "With the cut in BSOG, I think we'll have to have an action plan to put it [the company] on an even keel which will inevitably lead to some cuts.
In April, Cardiff Bus increased fares for the second time in six months, saying the cut in BSOG would cost it pounds 650,000 a year.
Last week the EHRC issued its analysis of the UK Government's 2010 Comprehensive Spending Review, which included England's 20% BSOG reduction.
Critics likened the possible BSOG cut to the Beeching axe of the rail network in the 1960s.
Cardiff Bus is among the operators which have increased fares in the expectation the BSOG cut would begin yesterday.
Scrapping the BSOG altogether would force up fares by an inflation-busting 6.
The increase in fuel prices is affecting everybody, but it's having an even greater effect for bus operators because of the BSOG.
The new scheme will also provide ring-fenced funding for community transport services, which to date have been supported by LTSG and BSOG.
A WAG spokesman said: "Over the last five years WAG has made available more than pounds 84m in BSOG grants, and this year has provided an additional pounds 2mto support an increase in claims.
In expectation of the BSOG cut, Stagecoach has registered to axe two routes - 11 (Bettws-Cwmbran) and 24 (MerthyrTydfil-Pontsticill).