BSOGBus Service Operators Grant
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The Department for Transport reckons that BSOG helps to keep fares down and the number of services up, which is why BSOG wasn't cut in the Chancellor's recent spending review.
But the CBT added the department figures also showed that removing BSOG would cost the economy PS3.7 billion in lost time and revenue.
"The amount we're getting for BSOG rebate is reducing.
Secretary, BSOG said "It is a unique opportunity to have a renowned medical practitioner such as Dr.
"The recent decision means that the BSOG rate for standard diesel in Wales will be 35.28p per litre.
In Cardiff, the cut to the BSOG has been blamed for the cost of a single fare rising from pounds 1.60 to pounds 1.70 from April 1.
Councils expect bus funding to fall from PS33m in the last financial year to just PS25m in the next, as the Welsh Government cuts the Bus Service Operators' Grant (BSOG) and Local Transport Services Grant, for councils to support socially necessary transport.
Bus operators are paid Bus Service Operators' Grant (BSOG) - a partial rebate of fuel tax used to keep fares low, of about pounds 12m, although the government reduced BSOG by 20% this year.Bus companies are paid about pounds 10m for secured services.
Mr Brown said the latest rise was a response to the Welsh Government's decision to slash the Bus Services Operators' Grant (BSOG) by 25% from April.
A crisis is growing, as a 28% reduction in funding to local councils for transport - plus a 20% cut in the Bus Service Operators' Grant (BSOG), paid to the bus companies - eat into vital routes.