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BSONBinary Structured Object Notation (MongoDB)
BSONBilateral Simultaneous Optic Neuropathy
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These services communicate with each other using a JSON and BSON data structure over TCP/IP.
(iii) JSON and BSON data structure has been used for data transfer packages which consist of HIMS ID, public key, DICOM file, and related information.
The documents are encapsulate and codified in a semi-structured way in a standard format like XML, JSON, BSON (Gudivada, Rao, & Raghavan, 2014).
(4) BSON [Binary JSON] is a data exchange format of JSON documents in binary representation.
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1 ROBSON v SRI LANKA 1st Test, Lord's: 1 & 19 2nd Test, Headingley: 127 & 24 ROBSON v INDIA 1st Test, Trent Bridge: 59 2nd Test, Lord's: 17 & 7 3rd Test, Ageas Bowl: 26 & 13 4th Test Old Trafford: 6 MInRHAS1 BSON SR CARBERRY HALES LYTH COMPTON Tests 6 Average 28.75 Tests 9 Average 31.93 Runs in 2014, 1,143 Ave 63.5 TOTOTOTONRuns in 2014, 819, Ave 51.18
This made it easy to implement JSON and binary-JSON (BSON) as native data types which are stored as collections.
Informix has a number of functions for working with BSON data; some of these are used to convert fields within a document into scalar types.
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MongoDB is a "schema-less" database which stores its data in BSON (Binary JSON).