BSPIBridal Show Producers International
BSPIBashkir State Pedagogical Institute (est. 1967; Russia)
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In case 5, just one undesirable indicator USI was ignored and the three undesirable indicators PSI, BSPI, and VI were taken into account.
Furthermore, the values of three undesirable indicators, including PSI, BSPI, and VI were decreased (i.e.
Therefore, any price change on any of these services significantly impacts the value of the BSPI.
On a year-to-year basis, BSPI increased by 6% in 2011, by 1.9% in 2012, by 5.8% in 2013, by 5.6% in 2014 and by 8.6% % in 2015, i.e.
The objective of the BSPI is to measure the evolution of the general level of prices for banking services.
On a year-to-year basis, the BSPI grew 6% in 2011, 1.9% in 2012, 5.8% in 2013, 5.6% in 2014, 8.6 % in 2015 and 9.4% in 2016.
According to a press release issued by the BCT, the majority of the BSPI basket consists of commissions on credit transfers, electronic banking, group bundles, account maintenance and remote banking.
In addition, we applied separately the values of the ZKI from the year 2007 to match the temporal range of data that were used to calculate the BSPI. The spring and early summer benthic community data were chosen for the validation procedure in order to exclude the seasonal variability in the ZKI.
In addition, the ZKI correlated with the BSPI separately in the Gulf of Finland and in the rest of the study area (Spearman R, p < 0.05, Fig.
The obtained ZKI EQR ranks correlated with the median BSPI values in the Gulf of Finland waterbodies 1 to 5 (Spearman R = -0.4, p < 0.05; Fig.
The two instruments (SVS and BSPI) were administered to the students in class sessions at different periods of the academic year, in groups of 20 to 25 people at a time.
But BSPI does not seem to have the clout in birth assisting that DONA has, despite both organizations being founded by equally talented and energetic women.