BSPPBritish Society for Plant Pathology (Berks, UK)
BSPPBritish Standard Pipe Parallel (thread)
BSPPBurmese Socialist Programme Party
BSPPBrigade des Sapeur-Pompiers de Paris (French: Fire Brigade of Paris; Paris, France)
BSPPBroadcast Station Protection Program
BSPPBlackgate Security Print and Promotions Ltd (UK)
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The BSPP fixed female port has a number of design configurations and associated methods of sealing with the male.
The BSPP faced a number of significant impediments that ultimately precluded it from following this model.
In 1974 Ne Win formally retired from the premiership, though he maintained indirect rule as chairman of the BSPP and as President (he retired from the presidency in 1981).
He had received a message from a relative who was a member of the BSPP 10 days before the outbreak of the anti-Chinese riots that the BSPP had held a meeting and decided to organise a mob of 5,000 to loot and make trouble in the Chinese blocks.
CT and BSPP holding, which benefit from the availability, versatility and projected stability of electric power compared to natural gas, have the potential to increase energy efficiency, reduce melt loss, reduce refractory repairs and lower manufacturing costs, while improving the workplace environment.
scandens (Trujillo 2004); ambos grupos de melastomataceas ademas cuentan con la formacion de un BSPP o BSP, rasgo importante para lograr la masiva proliferacion periodica de jovenes cuando habita la muerte del chusque en su borde.
Steam supply is via a 1" BSPP connection, with the process typically consuming 3.
Since 1988, little has changed under the military State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC) and its next incarnation, the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) (both completely composed of military personnel) except that the private sector has been encouraged and the BSPP is gone.
Saw Maung's SLORC seized power from the BSPP government.
All units include vacuum gauge, 1/8 ports for optional sensors and switches, and BSPP and NPT adapter fittings.
The ViSmart[R] VS-25xx Viscosity Sensors are offered with the following ordering options; u" NPT, BSPT, or BSPP male threaded fitting with M12X1, 8 pin male connector for detachable cable; hazardous or non-hazardous certified; and either standard or customizable OEM part numbers.
Solenoid Valves: Pilot Operated Brass 2/2 normally closed and normally open valves available in 3/8" up to 2" BSPP, AC & DC Coils with DIN connectors and Valve Timers