BSPSBritish Society for the Philosophy of Science
BSPSBritish Show Pony Society (UK)
BSPSBritish Society for Population Studies (est. 1973; London School of Economics; UK)
BSPSBrief Social Phobia Scale (psychiatry)
BSPSBachelor of Science in Public Safety (various universities)
BSPSBuzz Sports Picks Service
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The findings are consistent with previous studies indicating that teacher coaching with performance feedback can have a direct and immediate impact on teachers' use of BSPS (Hawkins & Heflin, in press; Rathel et al., 2008; Sutherland, 2000).
But the Pensions Regulator has written to MPs to say if the new BSPS does not go ahead, all members will remain in the existing fund and move with it into the PPF.
The committee's chairman, Labour MP Frank Field, accused the FCA of failing to protect workers and said there had been a "feeding frenzy" among financial advisers following the restructuring of the British Steel Pension Scheme (BSPS) last year.
Provisional estimates indicate that members transferring to the new BSPS will represent around 80% of the current scheme's assets and liabilities.
Scores on the Brief Social Phobia Scale (BSPS) were reduced significantly more in treatment than in placebo groups.
However, a new kind of entrant, called broadband service providers (BSP), offers an alternative wire- based option for local telephone, subscription television, and high- speed Internet services to consumers in the markets they have chosen to enter.
"We have previously isolated and characterized BSPs from many species, such as bulls and boars," says Dr.
Upp Technology, a leader in emergency preparedness and response solutions, announced today that the state of Florida Department of Health (DOH), Bureau of Statewide Pharmaceutical Services (BSPS) has selected the IRMS 360|Enterprise solution suite in a hosted environment to manage the state s pharmaceutical inventory.
BSPS Open Working Hunter Pony: 1 Mrs Kate McQueen BSPS Open Working Hunter Pony/ Working Hunter Pony Championship: 1 Mrs Shona Moore; 2 Mrs Kate McQueen.
The Work and Pensions Committee said it had received worrying evidence about financial advice provided to members of the BSPS.
It added: "The circumstances surrounding the BSPS created perfect conditions for vultures to take advantage."