BSPSBritish Society for the Philosophy of Science
BSPSBritish Show Pony Society (UK)
BSPSBritish Society for Population Studies (est. 1973; London School of Economics; UK)
BSPSBrief Social Phobia Scale (psychiatry)
BSPSBachelor of Science in Public Safety (various universities)
BSPSBuzz Sports Picks Service
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There are a large number of BSPS members on Teesside who worked in the area's steelworks who could have potentially been affected.
Unsuitable advice on defined benefit (DB) transfers is not only confined to BSPS members, the report warned.
Members of the BSPS will have the option of switching to a new scheme (the New BSPS) or moving with the old BSPS into the Pension Protection Fund.
Offered contingent on a student's social or academic action, BSPS are effective when they occur frequently, in a timely manner, and are related to the student's effort (Conroy et al.
IRMS|WM provides the BSPS with a centralized warehouse management resource for statewide pharmaceutical programs including: AIDS, epilepsy, family planning, insulin, sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis, and public health preparedness drugs.
Margaret Robinson's six-year-old Connermara Silver Boy took the BSPS Show's 1st Open M&M Working Hunter Pony and Championship.
Sertraline also showed significant efficacy in the subgroup of patients with a high degree of physiologic arousal (as indicated by scores at least one standard deviation above the mean for the whole sample, on the BSPS physiologic arousal subscale): 49% of those who completed the study and 40% of the entire sample were responders by CGI criteria, compared with 17% and 14% in the placebo group, Dr.
Members were asked to choose one of two options: 1) Do nothing - remain with the current BSPS and move into the Pension Protection Fund (PPF), the Government-backed pensions "lifeboat".
They include Active Wealth, which has been estimated to have handled more than PS40m worth of BSPS pension transfer involving around 100 fund members, averaging nearly PS400,000 each.
BSPS members can transfer to the new scheme if they meet certain conditions or remain in the existing scheme, which will transfer to the Pension Protection Fund (PPF).
BSPS team member Adam Forster explained: "Candidates/young judges are given four ponies to judge.
The FCA has said it is aware of concerns about the financial advice received by members of the BSPS.