BSQBody Shape Questionnaire
BSQBand Sequential
BSQBarbershop Quartet
BSQBingham String Quartet (UK)
BSQBoston String Quartet
BSQBearing Shaft Quality (steel shafts)
BSQBacchanalia String Quartet (Australia)
BSQBoule Sportive Quimperloise (French sports association)
BSQBoutique de Service de Qualite (French: Quality Service Boutique)
BSQBrutal Squad (gaming clan)
BSQBerenschot Salaries Quest (Berenschot Group Ltd.; Belgium)
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The BSQ is a self-applied test, which in its first validation study proved to be satisfactory for the assessment of concerns over the body-image, re duced self-worth due to physical appearance, and the sensation of being fat and includes as a parameter the eating disorder inventory (EDI) subscale of dissatisfaction over body-image with a total score of EAT-26 (14).
T-Statistics have been computed to find out the significant difference among male and female customers regarding the mean of each BSQ items.
Por otro lado, cuando estas dos ultimas pruebas se consideran en funcion de las variables referidas a la imagen corporal como preguntas directas (vease tabla 6) puede observarse que mediante los resultados en el BSQ, se caracterizan algunas diferencias entre los sujetos.
The present study used 33 items of the BSQ instead of 34 items and added the average item score to each participant's total score for the deleted item.
The lagoon has the shape of an inverted "Y", it consists of two sub-basins: BF (west) and BSQ (east).
En la Tabla 1 del ANEXO se presentan las medias y los desvios estandares correspondientes a las puntuaciones de las subescalas del EDI-2 y del cuestionario BSQ, obtenidas en ambos grupos.
In 1913, le bureau des statistiques (later, le bureau de la statistique du Quebec) or BSQ was founded in Quebec (City) with responsibility for provincial statistical matters, by Henri Bunle of France who compiled the first Quebec year book, to which he contributed an important chapter on population (Quebec, 1914).
The BSQ provides a maternal evaluation of international style of children aged three to seven years.
Another stock Profit's keen on is Bear Stearns (NYSE: BSQ.