BSQBody Shape Questionnaire
BSQBand Sequential
BSQBarbershop Quartet
BSQBoule Sportive Quimperloise (French sports association)
BSQBrutal Squad (gaming clan)
BSQBoutique de Service de Qualite (French: Quality Service Boutique)
BSQBacchanalia String Quartet (Australia)
BSQBerenschot Salaries Quest (Berenschot Group Ltd.; Belgium)
BSQBingham String Quartet (UK)
BSQBoston String Quartet
BSQBearing Shaft Quality (steel shafts)
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To measure if participants had body dissatisfaction, the Spanish version of the Body Shape Questionnaire (BSQ) (Cooper et at.
Em seguida, os participantes responderam individualmente aos instrumentos propostos na seguinte ordem: MBCQ, BCQ, BSQ e EAT-26.
Em relacao ao BSQ, os adolescentes do sexo feminino tiveram a media de escore de 82.30 [+ or -] 31.37, classificadas como "levemente preocupadas" com a imagem corporal.
The development and validation of BSQ. International Journal of Eat Disorder, 6, 485-494.
No se observo ninguna otra diferencia significativa en cuanto a edad (t = -0.529; gl = 220; p = 0.598), gravedad de los sintomas medida con el EAT (t = 1.586; gl = 176; p = 0.097), insatisfaccion corporal de acuerdo con el BSQ (t = 1.748; gl = 207; p = 0.082), sintomatologia depresiva segun el BDI (t = 1.61; gl = 210; p = 0.11), ni tampoco en el nivel de autoestima medido con el SES (t = -0.528; gl = 206; p = 0.598).
Significant correlations were found between EAT and PAT (r=.51, p < .001), EAT and BSQ (r = .61, p < .001), EAT and BFPT (r = .35, p < .01), BSQ and BFPT (r = .31, p < .01)), but nonsignificant correlations between PAT and BSQ and BFPT were found.
(1994), constituido por 26 questoes com as mesmas possibilidades de respostas do BSQ. No entanto, pontuacoes maiores que 21 sao indicativas de sintomatologia relacionada a anorexia nervosa.
After exposure to the picture, the participants filled out the BIAQ and BSQ. Additionally, the participants were asked to respond to a number of statements (e.g., I think the woman in the picture was attractive; I think the woman in the picture was beautiful; I think the woman in the picture was confident; I think the woman in the picture was too thin; I think the woman in the picture looks like someone a man would find attractive) about the woman on a 5-point Likert scale.
That means we are relying on QUEST FOR SUCCESS (2pts ew 33-1 with BSq or VCbet (five places) and REDFORD (18-1 2pts ew with Coral) .
Cuestionario de Imagen Corporal (Body Shape Questionnaire, BSQ), creado para evaluar la insatisfaccion corporal a partir de 34 reactivos (24).
A range of Geoff 's articles have been printed in BSA's Bromeletter, BSQ's Bromeliaceae Journal , Illawarra Bromeliad Society's Newsletter, BSI Journal and the Cryptanthus Society Journal.
Cuestionario de Imagen Corporal (BSQ, Body Shape Questionnaire), de Cooper, Taylor, Cooper y Fairburn (1986).