BSRIBem Sex Role Inventory (gender ethics)
BSRIBlood Systems Research Institute (est. 1959; San Francisco, CA)
BSRIBechtel Savannah River, Inc. (South Carolina)
BSRIBasic Science Research Institute (South Korea)
BSRIBiodiversity Stewardship in Resource Industries (Canada)
BSRIBeck Self-Rating Inventory
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Following the reading task, participants completed the BSRI and Big 5 Mini-Marker questions via an online survey implemented using a Professional License of SurveyMonkey.
En una segunda etapa, la mitad de cada clase respondio los cuestionarios puntuandose a si mismos en relacion a masculinidad y feminidad (condicion SELF), y la otra mitad abrio sus perfiles de Facebook en sus ordenadores personales y evaluo sus propios perfiles (condicion FB) con respecto al BSRI.
The survey included the 60 item BSRI (Bem Sex Role Inventory) as well as several questions that were contained in the Linan and Chen (2009) entrepreneurial intention survey.
The answers to the questions from the BSRI portrayed a person who possessed either masculine traits or feminine traits.
Progress on the DIBELS is a sign of successful teaching throughout the building,'' said BSRI chairman and co-founder Ed Moscovitch.
Nevertheless, it is unknown in the literature whether using BSRI scales to predict a willingness to relocate is effective.
Just as we did in this study, managers are advised to ask potential male airline employees to complete a scale to assess gender role type, such as the BSRI (Bem, 1981a).
Pearson correlation coefficient revealed a significant negative correlation between AWS and masculinity subscale of BSRI scores (r = .
The purpose for which BSRI was constructed was to "assess the extent to which the cultures definitions of desirable female and male attributes are reflected in an individual's self-description" (Bem, 1979, p.
Following suggestions by critics of the BSRI (Locksley & Colton, 1979), the OWBS was developed within a new theoretical perspective regarding formal and structural features of cognitive organization where behavior rules would begin with concepts of more immediate relevance for self perception and self-direction rather than global psychological constructs related to sex role orientation as in the BSRI.
1981) "The BSRI and gender schema theory: A reply to Spence and Helmreich," Psychological Review, 88, pp.
The BSRI, designed to measure respondents' gender dispositions (Bem, 1974), consists of 60 adjectives on which respondents rate themselves on a 7-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (never or almost never true) to 7 (always or almost always true).