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Previously, the BSRL calibrated its pipettes using gravimetry, which weighs liquids on analytical balances.
The Artel PCS pipette calibration system enabled the BSRL to address many of these challenges.
Differing environmental conditions have no effect on volume measurement, so the system enables the BSRL to verify pipette performance without worrying about potential variability in humidity, temperature, or other environmental factors.
When the BSRL first implemented the PCS in 2006, each user was entered into the pipette tracking database with a separate login, and each pipette was entered individually with the requisite tracking identification data.
"In the long run, we've saved so much time," says Sabra Botch, Biochemistry Team at the BSRL. "Once every user and pipette is entered into the system, it's just a matter of following the proper procedures."
Documenting the calibration function has been critical in enabling the BSRL to meet its regulatory requirements.
With the Artel pipette calibration system, the BSRL was able to meet the stringent accreditation requirements it faced.
This partnership was guided by the Department's work in defining "bold, socially responsible leadership (BSRL)" through its work with the BSRL rubric.
The Department also used the BSRL rubric to help the district develop a new administrators' evaluation system.