BSRMBritish Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (UK)
BSRMBooster Solid Rocket Motor (NASA)
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'Rod sales may come down and growth of the construction sector slow down," added the official of BSRM, a leading steel manufacturer in the country.
Recently, several types of BSRM have been proposed, for example, dual-winding [6], single-winding [7, 8], hybrid-rotor [9], hybrid-stator [10], double-stator [11], and permanent magnet-biased [12, 13] types.
Regarding the control of dual-winding BSRM, the typical method is square-wave current control proposed by Takemoto et al.
[U.sub.SRM] = -2-775 + 0-571 x In [[lambda].sub.out] + 0-16 x b[N.sub.IO] - 0-054 x bSRM x In [[lambda].sub.out] + 0-08 x b[d.sub.10] + 0-016 x b[d.sub.1] + 0-254 x bSRM - 0-041 x b[N.sub.IO] x In [[lambda].sub.out], [R.sup.2.sub.adj] = 0-92.
Initially, BSRM, the country's only 500 grade steel rod maker, plans to invest BDT 53 crore to expand the capacity at its present factory in Nasirabad, Chittagong.
Bangladesh Steel and Re-Rolling Mills (BSRM) Limited for the first time Sunday donated Taka 2,03,50,000 to the Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation (BLWF) for the welfare of the labour community, reports BSS.
Three organisations which were given special honour in the institution category are Channel i, KAFCO and BSRM. Five persons were given this honour in the individual category.