BSRNBaseline Surface Radiation Network
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Our result fits well the relationships between specific humidity and incoming longwave radiation obtained from the analysis of measurement data from BSRN as well as some other actinometrical stations (Ruckstuhl et al., 2007; Stanhill, 2011; Rosa and Stanhill, 2014).
BSRN (RN to BSN) had the lowest percentage of rejected qualified applications at 3 percent in 2014, down from 8 percent in 2012.
The data of Toravere passes strict quality control before it is transmitted to the archives of EMHI (Estonian Meteorological and Hydrological Institute), BSRN and WRDC (World Radiation Data Centre).
As quatro estacoes de referencia da rede SONDA ja integram a BSRN e os dados coletados nessas localidades estao disponiveis nos websites de ambas as redes.
Gilgen, 1998: World Climate Research Program WCRP (WMO/ICSU/IOC) Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN): Update of the technical plan for BSRN data management, version 1.0.
AOD500 arvutused toetusid Toraveres moodetud Paikese laiaribalisele otsekiirguse kiiritustihedusele, mille mooteandmeid voib kvaliteetseteks pidada, sest Tartu-Toravere ilmajaam kuulub rahvusvahelisse kiirgusmootmiste vorgustikku BSRN. Teine sisendsuurus, ohusamba veeaurusisaldus, ei olnud otseselt moodetud, vaid leitud kaudselt, veeaururohu kaudu.
The input dataset used for the initialization consists of global irradiance measurements conducted by the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN), featuring more than 50 locations all over the world with up to 20 years of measurements.
Percentage of Programs with Unfilled Openings by Program Type and Urban-Rural Location, Fall 2012 Urban Large Rural Small Rural Isolated Small Rural PN 51% 49% 52% 38% ADN 39% 43% 32% 43% Diploma 68% 25% BSN 54% 50% 50% BSRN 77% 67% 50% MSN 58% 67% 50% Doctorate 58% 60% Note: Table made from bar graph.
These measurements in the summer season 2008 were an exception as regular measurements in the Baseline Surface Radiation Network (BSRN) are made with the sampling interval of 6 s and registered as one-minute average values.
Alex Rosenblum, BSRN, CNN, CPHQ, Quality Coordinator, ESRD Network of Texas, Dallas, TX
Major European players responsible for in situ data records who actively participated in the assessment including the Met Office Hadley Centre (responsible for several HadObs datasets), Deutscher Wetterdienst (responsible for the GPCC), KNMI (which is leading the ECA&D project), and the Alfred Wegener Institute, which is responsible for the BSRN archive.