BSSBBaptist Sunday School Board
BSSBBanana Slug String Band (Santa Cruz, CA)
BSSBBoiling Springs Savings Bank (Rutherford, NJ)
BSSBBlessed Spiritshot B Grade (Lineage 2 game)
BSSBBilly Sparkles and the Shiny Boys (fictional musical group)
BSSBBehavioral and Social Sciences Building (Humboldt State University; California)
BSSBBalanced Salt Solution B (ophthalmology)
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The Broadman Hymnal set a new expectation that churches would look first and foremost to the BSSB to provide its hymnals.
However, an even more important event in youth music occurred the next year with the premier of the first church "youth musical," Good News, published by the BSSB's Broadman Press.
At the time they edited their hymnals, Burrows was pastor of the First Baptist Church of Nashville, and Card was manager of the advertising department of the BSSB. The New Baptist Hymnal was produced jointly with the ABPS.
(18) Baptist Convention Annual, 1928 (Nashville: BSSB), 86-88;
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(37) Baptist Convention Annual, 1960 (Nashville: BSSB, 1960), 303;
This transfer included the papers of Una Roberts Lawrence and a wealth of material on the work of the BSSB in the first fifty years of the twentieth century.
He was appointed in 1920 by the BSSB as a missionary to the Jews, and devoted the rest of his life to this work.
Widening internal rifts between several BSSB administrators and trustees became apparent even as McBeth began compiling the story, and these divisions became more serious as the months progressed.
Within months, Elder retired early from his position as president of the BSSB and Jimmy Draper came to head the institution.
Allen, editorial secretary at the BSSB and William J.
Allen defended the choice of writers to some members of the plans and policies committee of the BSSB who expressed serious concern about some of the writers enlisted, especially ones who were not Southern Baptists.