BSSFBrown Schultz Sheridan Fritz (Lancaster, PA; accounting)
BSSFBone-Shaped Short Fiber
BSSFBonsai Society of San Francisco (San Francisco, CA)
BSSFBromeliad Society of South Florida
BSSFBanana Slug Spring Fair (Oakes College, University of California; Santa Cruz, CA)
BSSFBalingup Sustainable Small Farm (Australia)
BSSFBuilding and Site Sinking Fund (Huron Valley, MI)
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In general, the doses of 10% of BRHF, 7% of BSF and 7% of BSSF were the ones that gave the highest number of pods, number of grains, consequently, higher grain dry mass production.
BRHF = Biochar from rice husk filter; BSF = Biochar from sawdust filter; BSSF = Biochar from sorghum silage filter.
Asked about the royal bill, Fiona McNeilly, of the BSSF, said: "We have come to an arrangement with our sponsors about that, but I am not prepared to go into details.
The BSSF will launch a fighting fund to help finance the defence of Baxter whose sponsors, Peugeot and Drambuie, have stuck by their promises to him.
Despite sport's percentage of Lottery funding slowly reducing, the Sports Council funds the BSSF to the tune of pounds 160,000 which is split between all the alpine disciplines.
Baxter's coach Christian Schwaiger said he had high hopes for the current generation of British skiers, but that it was the sport at its grassroots level, which is run by clubs rather than the BSSF, which he felt needed restructuring.
Ed was a tireless promoter of not only bromeliads, but the wealth of good fellowship that was to be enjoyed by active membership in Miami's most convivial plant club, the BSSF.
These memories of Ed comfort us as the BSSF and the wider bromeliad community try to move forward without him.