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Many of the researchers and elders who participated in the BSSI have engaged in collaborative fieldwork.
For each case study, a presenter was selected and given lead responsibility for gathering information about the event and making a presentation at the BSSI to begin the discussions of that particular event or phenomenon.
A major task for co-investigators was to select participants in the BSSI. The BSSI was open to all members of the Barrow community, and several elders and whalers were invited personally.
The discussions following each presentation were the heart of the intent of the BSSI to stimulate interaction between scientists and whalers.
Although its scientific value was limited, the field trip provided a break from confinement to the meeting room and reminded participants what the BSSI was all about.
Technical jargon occasionally obscured some of the points being stressed by presenters or discussants during the BSSI. Despite pre-symposium guidelines and pep talks about using plain, nontechnical English, investigators sometimes lapsed, so that both hunters and specialists in other disciplines were denied full understanding.
BSSI is one of Thuraya's shareholders and manufactures its commercial satellites.
The appointment of O'Neill is intended to strengthen the partnership between BSSI and Thuraya, which traces back to the company's inception.
In his current position at BSSI, O'Neill is responsible for the general management of the world's largest manufacturer of commercial communications satellites.