BSSRBlue Springs Scout Reserve (Acton, Ontario, Canada)
BSSRBehavioral and Social Sciences Research (US NIH)
BSSRBritish Society of Skeletal Radiologists (UK)
BSSRBelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic
BSSRBuilding Safety and Security Representative (University of Georgia)
BSSRBeaconsfield South Snow Removal (est. 2004; Montreal, Canada)
BSSRBile Salt Secretion Rate
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Smilovitsky also states that the regime's policy in the BSSR was "in some ways different" from what it was elsewhere, because not only Jews but also Orthodox, Catholics, Lutherans, Adventists and others "all felt the regime's invasion into their communities' inner life in full measure" (13).
CAHT-BSSR meets regularly with the director of the NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research, advocates for BSSR funds in the federal budget, and conducts Capitol Hill briefings.
(5) A particularly valuable pamphlet about the years 1917-18 is historian Hienryk Dalidovic's BNR i BSSR: rozdum ab pakutnym slachu bielaruskaj dziarzaunasci u XX stahodzdzi (Miensk: Pieto, 2002).
(43.) Consisting of the USSR, the BSSR, the UkSSR, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Poland--Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Syria--China, Pakistan, the Philippines--Mexico, Ecuador.
Grushevoy, People's Republic of the BSSR, BSSR 220029, Minsk, 14, Starovilenskaya Street.
Echoing the traditional description of Vil'na as the "The Jerusalem of Lithuania," Bemporad refers to the new Minsk that she depicts as having attained a new geopolitical and geocultural status as "The Jerusalem of the BSSR."
Following the expulsion of Lev Trotskii, Grigorii Zinov'ev, and Lev Kamenev from the party ranks during the 15th Party Congress in December 1927, the Belorussian Communist Party (KPB) undertook a sweeping campaign to wipe out vestiges of "Trotskyist" opposition in the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR).