BSSSBritish Society of Soil Science (UK)
BSSSBoard of Senior Secondary Studies (ACT, Australia)
BSSSBhopal School of Social Sciences
BSSSBurnaby South Secondary School (Canada)
BSSSBulk Store Subsystem
BSSSBaltic Sea States Summit
BSSSBenign Sporadic Spikes during Sleep (neurology)
BSSSBlessed Spiritshot S Grade (Lineage 2 game)
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Heterotic groups in dent corn have been subdivided into Iowa Stiff Stalk Synthetic (BSSS) and non-BSSS (Lu and Bernardo, 2001).
Since the BSSs began in Bangkok in 1993, FHI researchers and their colleagues in many countries have used qualitative methods to identify survey populations, map locations where BIV-risk behavior occurs, and determine what questions to include in surveys.
When the three groups were analyzed as a whole, the mean score was highest for BSSS (5.79) and lowest for JRSS (4.84).
Pages two through four contained the BIS 15, the BSSS or the CFC, randomly ordered to reduce the likelihood of a systematic order effect.
Collisions across BSSs could be solved by channel allocation.
The major difference from the existing interference avoidance techniques is that our scheme takes AP mobility (from low to high mobility) into consideration, and thus our scheme would work well even under the situation that BSSs are densely located.
[S.sub.2] testcrosses with Iowa Stiff-Stalk Synthetic (BSSS) related single-cross tester B73/B94 were produced in 1993 and evaluated in trials at one site with conventional-tillage and one with minimum-tillage, near Wooster, and at an additional site near South Charleston, OH, in 1994.
Contract notice: Contracting of the big data platform supply (bsss) for batera; File prepared exclusively for electronic tender
Black Sea Shipping Services (BSSS), the member of ACEX Alliance in Novorossiysk, is specialized in export of agricultural products in the containers via port of Novorossiysk.